Gets2Give.com encourages and enables everyone to become active participants in rebuilding our social infrastructure because we all have a stake in it. Gets2Give.com is a community marketplace for you to shop local.

Every purchase that you make, a portion will be donated to a cause of your choice at no added cost. Our goal is to create a more charitable giving society by allowing the community to give back without having to dig into their own pockets. Together we can support both local social needs programs and local businesses regardless of personal wherewithal. Let’s do this!

Who creates jobs and stimulates the local economy? Small businesses and consumers. Who stands up for our local social needs? Small local nonprofits.

But the current system still favors large corporations and the top percents. Everything from available resources to media publicity…

From our liberal elementary school teacher mom we were raised to value every person, child and creature and to see the beauty in giving back, even when its not recognized or appreciated *hello teaching in NC*. She instilled in us the value of appreciating our social infrastructure and the importance of putting others and our own community in front of ourselves in order to achieve maximum growth.

On the flip side, our conservative corporate banker dad taught us that even with the fire in our hearts, there’s a need for fiscal responsibility, and always time for a cost effectiveness analysis. You may not think about where every penny of yours goes, but you should – because it matters.

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