Steam Deck Sniffing: A Friendly Warning!

You’re about to hear a strange story. Some Steam Deck users are going on a journey with their handheld games. Yes, you did hear that right! They’ve been smelling their device’s exhaust ports, and Valve, the cool people who made the Steam Deck, had to let them know.

Getting Wet: Sniffing the Steam Deck?

Picture this: people who use Steam Deck getting a good whiff of the air from their game devices. Someone asked on a Reddit thread about a year ago, “Anyone else smell their deck’s fan/exhaust?” This was the start of the smell story. Yes, you read that right: smelling their deck!

It’s been a year, and that post has 233 comments. Other threads are also talking about this strange trend of sniffing. Someone on Reddit thought it was so interesting that they asked Valve directly if it was safe. What did they say? For some reason, it was like, “Uh-uh, not recommended, folks!”

Nosey Word from Valve: Be Careful! πŸ‘‚πŸ

Valve, the company that made the Steam Deck, felt the need to talk about this thing where people breathe in fumes. They dropped this pearl of wisdom: “As with all electronics, it’s not a good idea to breathe in the exhaust fumes from your device.” There are no safety issues with normal use, but you should avoid breathing in the vent fumes directly. We get it that it might be a joke, but please don’t act this way for your own health’s sake.

The Love for Gadget Smells: Sniff That Steam! 🌐🌫

Now, why in the world would someone want to smell their game PC? It turns out it’s all about that new tech smellβ€”you know, the smell of fresh plastic when you take a new tool out of the box. A lot of people love COIN33! Many people even say it smells like a brand-new car. One person said that the Steam Deck OLED doesn’t smell as good as the original Steam Deck LCD, though. One person even said it was like the “foot scratch and sniff from Burger King.” Oh no!

Tech Sniffers: A New Way to Enjoy Tech? πŸ‘‚πŸ€

It wasn’t planned to sniff our tech, but maybe we’ve been missing out on an important part of having fun with tech. Is there a nice smell coming from the ROG Ally and a strange smell coming from the Legion Go? The secrets of how gadgets smell!

How You Sniffed Tech: Tell Us Your Story! 🀏🌐

Have you ever taken a moment to breathe in the new tech you bought? Tell the truth! Which tech sniff did you like the most so far? You can talk to us on X/Twitter, the PCGamesN Facebook page, or the Custom PC Facebook group. Let’s figure out what tech smells are all about! πŸ‘ƒπŸ’»