To Improve Their Service, Amtrak Is Changing Their Fare Format

This autumn, Amtrak will make big changes to the ways you can pay for rides. These changes are all about making things easier. Instead of three different types of fares, passengers will only have to deal with two simple choices.

“Value” and “flex” are the two new types of fares that Amtrak is coming up with to make booking easier. Amtrak President Roger Harris says that this streamlined structure is meant to make the customer trip better at every step.

Well, what are the new types of fares for?

Amtrak: Introducing fare called “Value”

People who want to save money and get the best deals should choose the “value” price. There is a catch, though: you can’t change these tickets. It’s possible to get a 75% refund if you decide to stop. This “value” fare is a mix of Amtrak’s standard “saver” and “value” fares. However, refunds will be given in the same way the payment was made, not as an eVoucher.

Right now, if you book a “saver” price, you can change your ticket for a 25% fee, or if you cancel, you’ll get an eVoucher for 75% of your money back. “Value” fares, on the other hand, don’t charge any change fees and let you cancel with a full return up to 15 days before your trip. If you cancel less than 14 days before your trip, you’ll be charged a 25% fee.

Get to know the “Flex” Fare

The new “flex” fare gives you a lot of options, just like the current “flexible” price. There are no fees to change or cancel, and you can get your money back in full. It’s worth mentioning that the new “flex” prices will often be cheaper than the old ones.

While the exact date of when these price changes will happen is still not clear. What is clear, though, is that until December 31, Amtrak is not charging any change fees for tickets that normally do. This gives travellers some breathing room.

These changes are timed to go along with Amtrak’s exciting plans to start running new, improved Acela trains in 2024. These updated trains will have useful features like safe places to store your bags without touching them, USB ports for your electronics, and comfortable headrests with wings.

Also, Amtrak’s “Night Owl” fares have grown, giving people even more ways to travel for a lot less money. Tickets start at just $5 for lines all along the Northeast Corridor. The price is based on how far you want to travel. That’s right, Amtrak’s new fare system has something for everyone, whether you want a cheap deal or a flexible, stress-free trip.